About Us

Inspired by Ancient Herbal Traditions, Olive Leaf & Honey uses the most beneficial and nourishing ingredients for luxurious plant based skincare.

Our Story

Olive Leaf & Honey started out as a natural handmade soap business as we were a family prone to inflammatory skin conditions.  These roots gave us great insight into the property of carrier oils, essential oils and many other active plant and botanical products which we used in our soaps.  We still carry our original line of Olive Oil & Honey soaps renowned for being the mildest and most moisturising bars of soaps our customers have used.  They are after all made with a very high percentage of nourishing organic virgin olive oil.  Another skill we picked up is how to infuse our oils with herbs and botanicals in order to impart all the benefits of these plants into our oils.  The colours these extracts produced became a side hobby to experiment with and this is why a lot of our current products are so beautifully coloured!

Our Belief

Love what’s good for you. Because your skin deserves to be nourished in a luxurious, enjoyable and effective manner. Our luxurious skincare is made from antioxidant rich botanical essences that are inspired by ancient herbal traditions. Our products are formulated to provide the utmost nourishment and sensory pleasure with each ingredient handpicked for its benefits and qualities.

Our Method

We are truly a small batch company at heart.  All our products are made in micro batches to ensure the freshness of ingredients and quality of our products.  We will not create large batches of stock and keep on shelves for months (or even years as some manufacturers do).  Our product formulations are completely unique and all are formulated in-house by us.  We never use off-shelf pre-made bases or use third party formulators to produce our products.  This ensures that we know exactly what ingredients and what benefits are going into a formula and we are committed in bringing you safe and effective products.  We believe this is the right way to bring you a truly luxury product made with love, care and attention.

Our Ingredients

We love nature and love to incorporate nourishing plant based ingredients into our products.  Mostly organic, our products can range from 50% to 99% organic and natural ingredients by weight.

Aromatherapy is a big part of Olive Leaf & Honey and we love to utilise essential oils, resins, absolutes, concretes and CO2 extracts to scent our products and make our fragrance blends.  The essential oils used in our skincare are of the highest quality with our personal favourites being geranium leaf absolute and labdanum (rock rose) absolute although we also tend to gravitate a lot to blood orange, frankincense and rose absolute.

You’ll notice we love using antioxidant rich plant oils, such as rosehip, olive, Moroccan Argan, sea buckthorn, moringa and black seed amongst others.  We don’t use mineral oil as a carrier or a filler in our products as we believe in providing quality nourishing skincare with effective ingredients.  All our oils are high grade, cold pressed and in a lot of cases organic.  A firm favourite ingredient type of ours, you will find we carry a lot of amazing, beneficial plant oils in our range.

We use ethically sourced ingredients and are always transparent in showing what exactly goes into our products (we love reading product labels and hope you do too).  Our honey is completely raw and organic and sourced from bee farmers who adore their bees and take care of them with love.  They use ethical beekeeping practices (no smoking out the bees for the honey), don’t feed the bees sugar water as substitute for their own honey and always make sure enough honey is kept for the bees themselves.

Our Influences

Ancient Herbal Traditions are what inspire and influence us and we love to use the herbs, flowers, oils and spices promoted by these centuries’ old wisdoms in our products.  From Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Middle Eastern/Islamic Herbal Traditions, Unani (Ancient Greek) Medicine to Western Herbal Traditions, all have introduced us to some amazing natural plants, spices and botanicals such as turmeric root (Ayurveda), rhubarb root (TCM) and black seed (Middle Eastern/Islamic).

That doesn’t mean we don’t like to keep up to date though!  The current research into the benefits of certain herbs, plants and compounds are studied and we utilise modern scientific knowledge showcasing how these amazing plant compounds interact with and nourish our skin and bodies. 

Our Dislikes

Olive Leaf & Honey products have no sodium laureth sulfates (SLSs), no petrochemicals (e.g. mineral oil), no parabens, no phthalates, no animal fats, no harmful synthetic colourants/dyes, no artificial fragrances, no refined palm oil, no animal testing, no harsh preservatives