Raw Honey & Olive Leaf Organic Soap

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Raw Honey & Olive Leaf Soap

Organic Olive Oil & Honey Soap 130g

Olive Oil & Honey Soaps are made with a base of organic extra virgin olive oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic cold pressed castor oil and organic unrefined shea butter. The high percentage of olive oil ensures a very gentle and moisturising soap that is never drying on your skin.

Raw organic acacia honey is a superb humectant and a very effective skin softener and moisturiser.  It’s antibacterial properties are great for inflamed skin conditions and it is a known wound healer, historically being a part of ancient armies’ medical kits!  Beeswax is also a humectant and a great occlusive i(t locks in moisture to the skin), providing intense hydration and softness.  We love honey and beeswax and include it in all our Olive Oil & Honey soaps but we have included it in especially large percentages in this Raw Honey & Olive Leaf soap to make this soap extra special.

Olive leaf extract is highly antibacterial due to the oleuropein it contains which is also antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal. We include olive leaf in this soap as olive leaf extract and olive leaf tea.

Scented with essential oils of sweet orange, geranium, and palmarosa.  The sweet scent is noted to uplift and give a strong feeling of wellbeing and energy.

This soap comes in fully recyclable boxed packaging which is eco-friendly and plastic free

Directions: lather with water on wet skin before thoroughly rinsing with water

Ingredients: sodium olivate (organic extra virgin olive oil), sodium cocoate (organic extra virgin coconut oil), sodium sheabutterate (organic unrefined shea butter), mel (raw organic honey), sodium castorate (organic cold pressed castor oil) parfum (essential oil blend), olea europaea (olive leaf) extract, cera alba (beeswax), limonene*, linalool* | *naturally occurring in plant oils